Athletic Goals: 2012

With the Olympics upon us, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that athletes around the world have trained and honed their bodies to a singular perfection in a singular sport.  While admirable, I am definitely not one of those people.  I am clearly average to below average in most of my physical accomplishments, which often carries the euphemism of “recreational” or “intermediate.”  This is my attempt to up the ante!

Goal 1: Lead a 10b climb outdoors.

Current Progress: Since moving from Phoenix, my climbing skills have taken a nosedive.      I used to be able to solidly send 11b/c in the gym, lead a 9 (outside)/10c(gym), and follow 11a outdoors.  I even once got 4th place in a bouldering competition at our gym.  At our new gym, I’m lucky to make a clean go at a 10d.  The gym walls 15 feet are taller!  I have to deal with elevation!  I am being a total pansy!

Leading 5-easy in Red Rocks, NV

Goal 2: Hike the 5 easiest 14ers

Current Progress: I hiked my first 8000′ + peak yesterday and totally bit it on the way down.  What I lack in hiking speed I make up for in sheer trudging ability.  Still, I am not used to hiking anything nearly as serious as a 14er.  I hope to tackle at least one training hike per week.

Bloody shins build serious character

Goal 3: Run a sub 30:00 5k

Current Progress: I once ran 2 miles at a 10 minute pace on perfectly flat ground.  This whole running up hill thing is new.  And painful.  In truth, I hate running but I know it’s probably the best workout I can get for free


Goal 4: Be able to do some kind of sweet upside-down pole dance move!

Current Progress: I’ve taken a couple of spin pole classes, and I’m struck by how much strength and vestibular fortitude that you need.  I can do about 3 tricks in a row before getting really dizzy and having to sit down.

Someday I will be able to do this!

Goal 5: Complete two multi-day backpacking trips in Rocky Mountain NP at high elevation!

Current Progress:  We have the trips planned and I love backpacking!  This was not always the case:

My first backpacking experience on the Appalachian Trail, 2009. I made this face for 27.5 miles.

Since then I have developed a health appreciation for the drudgery and joy of multi-day hiking.  Last summer we did two trips in Olympic National Park and chilled with tons of bears.

Looking totally baller on the coast of the Olympic


Bears all over the place in Enchanted Valley, Olympic NP

Goal 6: Walk the length of a slackline, turn, and walk back without falling.

Current Progress:  I can safely take four steps before flying off.  Fortunately, because we now live in a city with trees and parks, I will have more practice space and squishy grass to break my fall.  I am right side dominant and pigeon-toed so my balance is pretty deplorable.  Unsurprisingly, the balance beam and I are mortal enemies… until now.

NOT what I look like.


Goal 7: Regain my abilities to do a tumbling pass.

Current Progress: I was recruited to do competitive team gymnastics when I was a kid, but because my mother thought that meant some crazy Bela Karolyi inspired training regiment that would destroy my ability to be a normal human being, I never joined.  I practiced gymnastics until the age of 12, and since then my back has grown really inflexible.  I’m the sort of girl who continually injures herself doing yoga.  I’m scared/skeptical, but one of the local studios has adult classes two days per week.  My health insurance doesn’t kick in until Aug 1st, so I’m going to hold of in case of faceplant or related injury.

This is what I will look like in three weeks.

Here goes nothin’!



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