Climbing Points, level up!

I’ve been climbing for over three years but have only really been leading for the past year or so.  With a full-time teaching job and various mentoring/coaching/leadership obligations, we really only get to climb 2-3x per week in Phoenix, with a monthly trip outside if we were lucky.

Since our climbing gym is the coolest ever, I don’t mind spending so much time indoors.  Health insurance begins in two weeks, and I’m excited to explore the outdoor sport crags in Colorado.

Today’s mission: climb 100 points.  This was a great thing to do after getting a hair cut.

Bang Trim Ruined

I am most proud of the fact that I am completed all 13 climbs without whining.  In digits: seven 5.10s of varying grades, three 5.9s, a 5.8, and a few ending laps on a 5.7.  I fell on two climbs and did the rest clean for a total of 119 “points”.  Before I start getting too self-congratulatory I should probably mention that there are tons of senior-age old ladies with crazy hair at this gym destroying 12a’s while wearing knee and elbow braces.

Other training goals for the next two weeks:

  • Climb ten 5.10s total for a day
  • Climb four sets of three climbs in a row, 5.7-5.10 – this is incredibly exhausting
  • “Hard” day – put in some effort on three 5.11a/bs

Pretty soon I will turn into this frog.

One finger pull-up swagg



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I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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