Some things I am already pretty good at, part I

If I’m spending my time focused on things I want to achieve, I should also commend myself for some of my current physical skills.  Here are three of them!

1) I can do three (sometimes four!) unassisted pull-ups in a row. Something like 1% of females can do a single, honest-to-goodness pull-up, and I have been genetically blessed with beastly arms and surprising ability to haul up my hefty backside.

2)  I can do a head stand for a really long time while doing upside down V-ups and looking like a boss.

3) I am a dedicated plodder of long distances.  Some people are blessed with long, slender legs that enable them to stride up hills with ease.  I am not one of those people.   At all.  During a recent attempt at a bike purchase, the saleswoman at REI said “you might already be aware of this, but you have a very short inseam.  We might need to fit you for a men’s bike.”   It took the staff at Express 25 minutes to find a pair of pants that fit me.  I wear a small men’s climbing hardness because my legs are stumpalicious.  My self-appointed trail name is “Tiny Step’ because for every single step my boyfriend takes, I have to take two.

Through it all, though, I will happily hike 15+ miles at a painfully slow rate while wearing a 40lb pack.  I am also an exceptionally great downhill hiker because of the limited torque stepping down puts on my legs.   I pretty much have the gams of a 8-year-old, only significantly less skinny.

4) I will try anything once unless it is an activity that requires a parachute, more than 40 feet of free fall, or bottled oxygen.  This has led me into doing some pretty miserable things (5 hours of sea kayaking in a frigid Canadian bay was my first experience kayaking), but also some really cool stuff.

Now, it’s time to plan a weekend get away!




About jacqandthemountains

I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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