Recovery week, Grocery bills

Hiking through a hail storm = zero progress for the week.  Either because they are unexpected or because I’m on vacation anyway, I was knocked on my butt this entire week by a summer cold.  I managed to sniffle my way through a few power yoga sessions, which are my go-to when I desperately want to avoid running.  (note: this is pretty much all the time)

My major goal this week was to slash our weekly grocery budget.  I have two major consumer weaknesses — food and REI — and both are equally dangerous.  Groceries are around 15-25% more expensive than what we are used to in Phoenix, and I am not particularly frugal when it means compromising the purchase of high quality, healthy food.  We allow ourselves one take-out order/week, which covers one dinner and one lunch.  Other than that, we make all of our food at home.  The last few weeks we did $125 worth of damage each week, and this week I managed to slash it down to $85.  My ultimate goal is +/- $75.

I only did three things differently this week, and it worked out well!

1. Plan each dinner, include 2-3 with cheap ingredients.  We have a chalkboard in a frame hanging above the fridge where we outline our meals for the week.  The difference this week is that I spent some time looking for inexpensive vegetarian recipes and added them to the list.

2. Don’t buy anything over $6.99  The only thing that typically tips this budget is seafood, but if you buy the styrofoam-backed fresh stuff right by the counter and eat it at the beginning of the week, it’s significantly cheaper (shrimp in particular).  I’ve also learned that 2/3 lb of any seafood is plenty for a dinner of two.

3. Build your menu based on sale items Safeway has a new shopping app which lets you upload coupons onto your loyalty card.  Most of the discounts are for processed/packaged stuff I don’t buy, but we ended up with a lot of BOGO items that will last for next week as well.

There are tons more tips along with entrance into the endless (terrifying?) world of online couponing here.


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