Women’s Clothing is Ridiculous

My new school network (which is a truly amazing place for many reasons), has a much stricter dress code than where I taught Arizona.  I can no longer roll up to work with a pair of Tevas, faded JC penny dress pants, a cotton t-shirt, and hair that is only 40% brushed.  Camping/hiking a 14er didn’t pan out for this weekend, so I decided to go to the mall.  I know that every woman in the world struggles with finding clothing that fits well, but as a tiny person I encounter a few unique challenges that can be summed up in the following before and after sequence of photographs.

BEFORE: 5’2″ and ready for some serious fashion.

I’m short.  My limbs are short.  My ribcage and everything attached to it is tiny.   This all adds up to an inability to wear lots of fabric.  “Flowy” clothing makes me look like a pirate/homeless person hybrid who is simultaneously losing a battle with a drawstring garbage bag.  I saw a dress that I erroneously believed might be reasonable, but even in an XS, this is what happened:

AFTER: Drowning in serious fashion

Here I am, all set for an afternoon stroll to the Acropolis with the Kardashian family.  It may surprise you that I did not purchase this dress.  I wasn’t able to purchase much of anything.  For more scientific support of my plight, please see this website’s Top 7 Worst Things About Women’s Fashion.



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I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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