Adventures in Urban Recreation

While we usually spend fall break stinkin’ up our tent in the desert, early snow and Colin’s moonlighting job as a barista kept us local for the duration of our 4-day fall break.  Fortunately, Denver is the sort of place that makes this decision okay.  We did all kinds of cool urban stuff!

The climbing gym I go to allows for a twice-monthly membership trade out at other gyms around the metro area.  Since there was all kinds of snow on the ground, we drove up to Boulder to pull on some plastic.  It seems like many gyms are reluctant to put legitimate V grades on problems (why?), but in my estimate, I repeatedly fell off of overhanging V3s.  It was fun.  The next day, my body ached from head to toe, and I took two naps.

On Saturday, downtown Denver was full of gorillas wearing racing bibs.  Each gorilla appeared to be transporting either a child or a beer.  One group carried a boombox which played “Call Me Maybe” on repeat. Image

I wished only briefly that I was participating because my entire upper body was far to sore for my brain to spend any extra calories on wishing.  There was a serious food deficit going on, so Colin and I quested for a place that sold fish and chips.

This food craving brought us straight into Feminist Hell Pub & Grill.  How could anything with “Pub” in the name be all that bad?  Unfortunately, I was so blinded by the idea of french fries that it took be three minutes to figure out what the hell was going on.  Allow me to elaborate:

1. There were no women patrons in the entire place, except for me.  Red flag!

2. The waitress’ outfits had a very poor interpretation of what a kilt means.  Or a shirt.  

3. Women and men were equally eager to participate in one giant misogyny parade.  I don’t care how “cool” or “progressive” it is to be a part of raunchy culture.  At the end of the day, it does nothing to advance women. 

4. I went to college once and out of laziness (and radical outrage, of course!) many of my papers were written from the feminist perspective.  I’m gonna go ahead and list some of my favorite words from these papers to disspell the bad juju from this dining experience: intersectionality!  heteronormative!  sexist! othering!  privilege!  male gaze! objectification!  

5. Whew.  I feel better.

Later that evening, we played the best board game in the world, Settlers of Catan!Image

To date, I have won only one single game of Catan, giving me a 3% or so winning average.  Most of the time we tend to avoid things we fail at, but for whatever reason I begin each game with zest and glee.  It’s like that quote “Love like you’ve never been hurt,” but way more profound because we’re dealing with serious resource trading, settlement building, and army development.  

I lost, of course, but I did so gracefully with a mouth full of pizza.  Happy end of fall break to me.   


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I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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