My humble homage to the OED word of the year

I have been 28 years old for exactly 21 days.


At 18, I assumed by this age that I would a) own a home b) be married and c) have a kid.  Instead I a) rent a 1 bedroom apartment for super cheap, utilities included b) am domestically partnered and c) teach 90 11 and 12-year-olds.  I have no complaints except for the 9 grey hairs that I’ve been plucking out monthly since the age of 24.  

Recent pursuits of the great outdoors and fitness extremes have been delayed by unfriendly weather (ever camped in the middle of nowhere Wyoming in November?  It’s freakishly cold!) and a very grumpy set of shoulder tendons.  

Disappointed with my progress over the past few months, my physical therapist recommended that I get dry needling performed on my shoulder.  Essentially, an acupuncture needle is inserted into the muscle fiber which sends a signal through the spinal column and back out to the muscle to force it to contract.  He insisted that this would be less painful than the bi-monthly sports massages which cause me to shriek and curse in front of all the old people doing leg lifts.

Here is a picture from the internet which shows you what it’s like:


I would like to offer up my own interpretation of this particular treatment:

Step 1: Insert needle


Step 2: Move needle in upwards and downwards motion inside of muscle tissue.


Step 3: Muscle contracts


Repeat x25

My shoulder area was deliciously squishy for a full 48 hours until I discovered a series of online Pilates videos and destroyed my chances of having a reasonably mobile shoulder.  Things are looking up, however.  I recently got an MRI and in another week I will learn if anything is torn, frayed, or just inflamed.  

Until then, it’s Thanksgiving break!  Three days without school!  Four days in Seattle!Image




About jacqandthemountains

I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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