Bum Knee Workout #1

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative and ask their friends to drive them to Target.


  • 65cm stability ball
  • L/M/H flat resistance bands (way cheaper than other types)
  • set of 5lb and 10lb dumbells
  • smelly old yoga mat

Workout: I added a twist to some of my PT strengthening activities and then got crazy with the stability ball.

  • 2 min of jiggling patella around (PT)
  • 10 quad sets, x3 (PT)
  • 10  single leg lift x2 (PT) in pilates position
  • 10 leg raises/abduction (PT)
  • a whole bunch of range of motion knee bends on the stability ball
  • 20 bridges on ball, x2
  • 40 pumps of ‘the hundred’ in low boat pose, x2
  • 10 crunches with back on the ball, x1
  • 15 seated bicep curls with 10lbs, x2
  • 10 overhead dumbell press 5lbs, x2
  • 15 dumbell press lying on ball, x1
  • 20 crunches lying on ball
  • 20 seated row with resistance band wrapped around table leg/good leg, x2
  • 30 seated dumbbell/Russian twists, x2 — I could have probably done these on the mat instead of the ball because my shoulders felt the press a lot but my core wasn’t super engaged.
  • 10 reverse plank with leg raise, x2 (these are nice and challenging at the end)

I wasn’t really into the idea of adding any triceps to this workout because I worked up an incredible sweat crutching to various departments in Target.  My one-leg planking abilities are pretty lame, and I have to watch my push ups and certain arm exercises because of bursitis in my right shoulder.  All in all, a pretty successful round of exercise!


About jacqandthemountains

I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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