Surgical Delays

This morning while exiting the apartment building, one of my crutches slipped and fell down the staircase into the street.  Clearly, this was not going to be a Super Awesome Day.  

I began ugly face crying about 10 minutes into my MRI follow up appointment.  I have no other way to emotionally process bad news.  There are three surgical options ranging from fastest & most stupid to slowest & least stupid: get both ligaments repaired next week, just get the ACL/meniscus repaired next week, wait two weeks to see if the LCL thickens up and schedule surgery for one or both ligament tears. The second MRI reading also revealed bone bruising and internal bleeding in the joint which confirms that I will never ever ever again ski fast and stupid.

Regardless of whichever surgical option I select, I will have to cancel the spring break Puerto Rico trip that I have been planning for months.  Colin and I gave up our seats on a Christmas eve fight and scored flight vouchers.  Ain’t no way my butt is going to be off of crutches and in a bikini by March 23rd.

Everyone I’ve spoken with said the same thing: wait.  So wait I will, even though it pains me to imagine myself in limbo, continuing to teach with crazy fatigue and struggling to do everyday things.  Who knew that pumping gas would be a gigantic ordeal?

As I drove to physical therapy, I though I had gotten out all of the ugly face crying tears.  Leave it up to a bank of snow to fix that.  My crutches have super cool crampon attachments, but they aren’t like snowshoes or anything.  A particularly deep patch snow send me flying into a frosty face plant.  Can’t a girl catch a break?  Seriously?

My knee has made huge progress since the accident.  My quadsets that are 10 times stronger than last week (as measured by an electrode thingy), and I was able to work my leg to 136 degrees flexion and 0 degrees of extension! My right knee does about 155, -5, so I’m almost there.  

No new workouts.  I’ve been dog tired from teaching but hopefully this weekend I will put together some type of circuit.


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I teach middle school science, and I like to play outside.
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