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Lost Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

With most of the Southern back country of RMNP booked solid, we took the suggestion of the ranger to head up to Lost Lake, 9.7 miles in from the Dunraven Trail Head. The first four or five miles of the … Continue reading

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RoMo Backpacking, Trip #1

This weekend, we’re going up to Rocky Mountain National Park in the hopes that we can find a20 miles of backcountry trails to explore for the next three days.  Apparently the sites fill up quickly and cannot be booked in … Continue reading

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Some things I am already pretty good at, part I

If I’m spending my time focused on things I want to achieve, I should also commend myself for some of my current physical skills.  Here are three of them! 1) I can do three (sometimes four!) unassisted pull-ups in a row. … Continue reading

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Athletic Goals: 2012

With the Olympics upon us, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that athletes around the world have trained and honed their bodies to a singular perfection in a singular sport.  While admirable, I am definitely not one of … Continue reading

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