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Soup tastes better in Colorado

I have moments where I’m not fully convinced that I live in Colorado.  About once a week, I am struck with the terrible fear that someone is going to make me move back to Phoenix, forcing me to swelter in … Continue reading

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Leggo my Bento

School has started which means I’m busy putting in 10-12 hour days.  It’s a terrific way to spend my time, but it also means that I don’t get to work out every single day and have been indulging in the … Continue reading

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Climbing Points, level up!

I’ve been climbing for over three years but have only really been leading for the past year or so.  With a full-time teaching job and various mentoring/coaching/leadership obligations, we really only get to climb 2-3x per week in Phoenix, with … Continue reading

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Athletic Goals: 2012

With the Olympics upon us, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that athletes around the world have trained and honed their bodies to a singular perfection in a singular sport.  While admirable, I am definitely not one of … Continue reading

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