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Soup tastes better in Colorado

I have moments where I’m not fully convinced that I live in Colorado.  About once a week, I am struck with the terrible fear that someone is going to make me move back to Phoenix, forcing me to swelter in … Continue reading

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Leggo my Bento

School has started which means I’m busy putting in 10-12 hour days.  It’s a terrific way to spend my time, but it also means that I don’t get to work out every single day and have been indulging in the … Continue reading

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Recovery week, Grocery bills

Hiking through a hail storm = zero progress for the week.  Either because they are unexpected or because I’m on vacation anyway, I was knocked on my butt this entire week by a summer cold.  I managed to sniffle my … Continue reading

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RoMo Backpacking, Trip #1

This weekend, we’re going up to Rocky Mountain National Park in the hopes that we can find a20 miles of backcountry trails to explore for the next three days.  Apparently the sites fill up quickly and cannot be booked in … Continue reading

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